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30th Annual Reenactment (POSTPONED)

Due to the amount of rain received over the weekend, the Reenactment area is quite muddy and needs time to dry out.  Therefore, we are moving Reenactment to the rain date of Tuesday, September 18th - same times.

The O. J. Neighbours 30th annual reenactment will be on Tuesday, September 18th from 5:30 – 7:00 pm in the David F. Sodervick Outdoor Education Center.  Students will demonstrate Native American and pioneer life in the 1800s.

Kindergarten students will demonstrate pioneer songs and dances on the basketball court by the playground.  Mrs. Keaffaber and Mrs. Brewer’s classes will perform at 5:30, Mrs. Mickelson and Ms. Castano’s classes will perform at 5:45, and Ms. Sharp and Mrs. Wilson’s classes will perform at 6:00.  


First grade students will reenact pioneer games by the Songer Pavilion. Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Enyeart’s classes will perform at 6:15, and Mrs. McLane, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Daughtry’s classes will perform at 6:30.

The second grade classes will reenact Native American dances and blessings by the corncrib.  Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Rentschler and Mrs. Draper’s classes will perform at 5:45, and Ms. Lang and Mrs. McWhirt classes will perform at 6:30.

Third grade classes will talk about Native American life in various tribes during the settlement period.  All of these activities are in the Koehler Native American Village inside the reenactment area. The Northwest Costal region is represented by the Klingit tribe in the cedar longhouse, the Plains region by the Sioux tribe in the tipi, the Southwest region by the Navajo in the Hogan, the Northeast Woodland region by the Iroquis in the longhouse and the local region by the Miami in the wiki up.  

Fourth grade classes will share about pioneer life in the pioneer village.  The students will focus on various pioneer occupations, such as blacksmith, potter, school marm/master, and preacher, as well as important skills needed to survive, such as rope making, butter churning, sewing, wool carding, hunting, trapping, candle making spinning and games.  

The drive in front of the school is now a two way street, so there is no parking allowed in the front of the school.  There will be disabled parking in the north parking lot. All others will need to park at Parkview Hospital. Enter the hospital from Wabash Street, vear to the right and park at the east end near the Medical Plaza. Families can either walk to the school or take the trolley to the school beginning at 5:00PM.  The trolley will run until the end of reenactment. Parking along the streets west of the school will be allowed as well.